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Monday, December 11, 2006

Merry Halalifyed© Christmas

Just in case you guys miss this comment in my old post about aid work -
"Thank you guys so much for your support, from the comments you made on my blogs to all the support you have given me in our friendships, the inspiration, the confidence, the lot! I truly love you guys and without you lot and islam (you lot playing a big part in me actually reverting, whether you know it or not!), i doubt id be the woman i am today!" :-)

On to this weeks blog.........

After a couple of weeks of pretty much doing nothing, I have finally got back to my dissertation! WOOHOO! I think after the amount of research i did at the start, i got put off my topic, women and the masjid! i kept coming away from the computer feeling pretty rubbish at the state of the situation and how obvious the Islamic teaching is regarding women and their rights and obligations in the masjid. Ah well, back to it. now im feeling pretty good about my dissertation. i can see it actually take form as its not just research anymore, its ordered and each in its own section and i have my first chapter written! Ok, ok, its only my methodology but its 2000+ and im very happy with the amount of detail! :-)

My next mini struggle (i say mini because it sounds better than the truth!) is Christmas. Oh the joys. Honestly, i still love Christmas. coming from a non religious family, christmas was always about family. Everyone getting together and having fun. Relatives coming from all over the country to sit about and eat! Those who know me well know thats my dream situation, being with people who i love and eating good food! Now i have a month of it.....Ramadan - Alhamdullilah, i love it (as well as all the spiritual aspects!)!
But i still have Christmas. Christmas day should be ok, inshaallah as i am cooking the dinner for 10 people. Its always a mission to get hold of a decent halal turkey, but so far i have been very lucky! The hard part is keeping my dad out the kitchen and messing up the halalness©! Its a hard job halalifying© Christmas day and i work hard, then it can all be gone in a second with a bit of bacon draped over my beautiful Islamic turkey! Once i have Christmas day out of the way, then its just down to the usual avoiding meals together at all costs (im ill, im full up, im asleep, il eat later....) and trying to influence my parents to get a take-away so i can either get halal food or veggie option. Its made harder at Christmas because everyone wants to feed the family so its a series of un-halalified© turkey meals in some shape or form up until new years, then its a party at my uncles or our house, which i have to admit, minus the drink on my side is so much fun! The site of two 80yr olds off their trolley is hilarious, they revert back to their kiddie years!
Inshaallah, it will be ok. I have so much fun at Christmas because all my grandmas, granddads, uncles, aunties, cousins, the whole tribe, gets together over and over again......and, erm, i get spoilt rotten!


  • At 12/11/2006 6:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    We luv ya too sweety and you really are an inspiration and eventho you're a new muslim...you bring me closer to Allah more than some who have been muslims all their life....it is an honour to be your hmegurl ukhti!
    Best of luck on halalifying christmas......inshaAllah it will be kheyr.
    You will be spoilt rotten and have a blast inshaAllah....dnt 4get to wish your family a merry christmas from us girls inshaAllah
    Luv you Sahara x

  • At 12/11/2006 4:25 PM, Blogger Newbie! said…

    Love you too native, you are such an inspiration to us as well and its an honour to have met you but a priviledge to keep being your friend!

  • At 12/13/2006 2:40 AM, Blogger NM said…

    salam you soppy lot :)

    i must say Newie the halalification of xmas must be such a struggle for you, the anxiety you develope over all your eating issues am suprised your mum has't thought you have developed some sort of an eating disorder!

    eating with those you love is a fantastic way to spend time. My mum was asking about sahra yesterday :)

    you painted such a hilarious pictures i wish i was in the kitchen observing all the carrying ons...Oh my goodness i have just had a brain wave,

    we could film a short carry on halalifying xmas episode?! what do you say

  • At 12/13/2006 2:41 AM, Blogger NM said…

    By the way!

    how do you feel about you and MD recreating a family and friends album for me to take with me when am in egypt.

    An album i can carry around in khan al-khalili and show to complete stranges when i feel the need to talk about you.

    i will provide you with my new sony camera curtosy of the banker


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